“Techiia Foundation” handed over another 14,000 pieces of clothing to the defenders of Ukraine

The non-governmental organization “The Techiia Foundation” has provided men's and women's clothing to the military personnel involved in performing tasks defending Ukraine, guarding the boards, and working in the rear support.

“Techiia Foundation” handed over another 14,000 pieces of clothing to the defenders of Ukraine

The cost of the latest supply of clothes reached the UAH 6 million mark. It was produced by several Ukrainian factories specifically for the “Techiia Foundation” over the past two months. It has allowed us to control the quality and support the Ukrainian manufacturers.

The defenders received long sleeve shirts made from reinforced fabric, windbreakers, buffs, jackets, sleepwear, sets of undergarments, load-bearing vests, underwear, T-shirts, hats, patches, pants, as well as first-aid kits, and drawstring bags.

"In current conditions, clothing for military personnel is consumable material that needs to be regularly replenished. It's not always possible to launder the clothing, and after certain tasks, the clothing simply needs to be discarded. That's why we have established a process for regularly supplying units that turn to us for assistance," comments Oleg Krot, Director of the "Techiia Foundation" and Managing Partner of the TECHIIA holding.

It should be recalled that in April, the Techiia Foundation reported the provision of clothing and accessories to the Ukrainian Defense Forces worth over 5 million UAH. This included over 2,500 fleece jackets, 1,500 sets of underwear, 1,200 long-sleeved shirts, 1,000 first aid kits, as well as buffs, leggings, t-shirts, hats, and camouflage suits.

In total, following the full-scale invasion of russia into Ukraine, the Techiia Foundation has purchased and delivered essential items to the defenders of Ukraine and those affected by the war, amounting to almost 858 million UAH. This includes primarily body armor and helmets, thermal imagers and optics, generators, tactical clothing and gear, drones and communication equipment, tactical medicine, and medications. For a detailed report with the distribution breakdown by categories and infographics, please follow the link. The founders of the holding also provided additional assistance personally.

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