Strong Flow of Support: We share what we provided to the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the year of the war

After February 24, 2022, the "Supporting Freedom of Ukraine" project became crucial for our organization. We were inspired by the bravery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and decided to go beyond our capabilities to become a reliable rear for the defenders of Ukraine. We turned over $23 million into protection, sight, communication, and power for Ukrainian soldiers.

Support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine: results of assistance | Techiia Foundation

"Safety for the team and assistance to the country were the two key things I thought about in the first days of the invasion. Thanks to the strong and experienced people around me, we solved the first task quickly enough and started accumulating resources for the second. On March 1, we publicly announced that we allocated the first UAH 100 million to support the Armed Forces and will cover the entire cycle of aid," recalls Oleg Krot, director of the Techiia Foundation NGO.

In the first weeks following the full-scale invasion, everyone needed everything. Therefore,  the Foundation purchased the most demanded military equipment in Ukraine and abroad: body armor and helmets, tactical clothing and gear, thermal imagers and binoculars, drones, and communication equipment.

"Our goal is to use every hryvnia as efficiently as possible, so we immediately focused on large volumes and direct cooperation with manufacturers. Thanks to volunteers from the TECHIIA holding, who have experience since 2014, we achieved this," adds Oleg Krot.

What was purchased?

As of March 1, 2023, various units of the Ukrainian Defense Forces received necessary items and equipment worth $23.07 million from the Techiia Foundation. These include body armor and helmets, thermal imagers and optics, generators, tactical clothing and gear, drones and communication equipment, first-aid kits, and medicine. The detailed breakdown of the funds by category can be seen in the infographic.

What Techiia Foundation has provided to the defenders of Ukraine during the year of full-scale war

In fact, these are the areas that most funds working for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are focusing on. However, there were several unique cases. For example, we purchased 800 AWN Supralite 150H life jackets for the Naval Forces of Ukraine. Lifejackets are necessary for military personnel who perform tasks on the water — they can save lives if a soldier falls overboard unconscious due to an enemy attack.

We also provided a thousand individual water filters from the American company Sawyer, which were made specifically for our order. With their help, soldiers can drink practically any water — even from puddles or natural reservoirs. The filter traps particles as small as 0.1 micronsand weighs only 57 grams, so the military can always have it with them.

“Since we received the vests, they are always with us: during training, exercises, and combat missions. They truly help to save the lives of our military personnel. And life is the greatest value for us. Thank you for your help,” said Alexander B., callsign “SAR,” Captain First Rank of the Ukrainian Navy, after receiving the vests.

Who received assistance?

The biggest problem of all charitable foundations is the inability to help everyone who needs it. Therefore, unfortunately, we have to choose priorities. Throughout the year, units of various branches of forces and structures of the Defense Forces of Ukraine received assistance from the Techiia Foundation. Different mechanized brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, units of the Territorial Defense, marines and border guards, units of the Main Directorate of Intelligence and the National Police, Special Operations Forces, and air defense units — unfortunately, as long as the war continues, it is impossible to mention everyone and specify which unit received what.

"We help defenders of Ukraine to be more effective, protected, see better and work more accurately. The Foundation's team receives dozens of thanks and certificates from various units. However, the most important thing is to understand that with our support, the military saves their lives and health and speeds up the victory of Ukraine," says Oleg Krot.

What's next?

"Techiia Foundation" continues the "Supporting Freedom of Ukraine" project, which means that we will continue to provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine with whatever support we can. The amount of aid will be less than last year, as the organization mainly satisfies the requests of the Armed Forces with the funds of the TECHIIA holding and its founders, and this resource is limited.

"This is our principal position — to use our own funds in 99% of cases. Anyone willing can donate to the Foundation's account, and such donations do exist, but they are insignificant. We do not conduct large-scale fundraising campaigns because we are not a professional charity fund. We help the Armed Forces within our resources and try to do it as efficiently as possible," concludes Oleg Krot.

In addition, the Foundation has signed memorandums with two prosthetic centers, so in 2023, a new focus of work will emerge — prosthetics for the military and civilians who lost limbs due to the war.

It is worth noting that in addition to the Techiia Foundation NGO, Oleg Krot personally supports the Defense Forces of Ukraine. The amount of assistance exceeded the mark of $40 million. Details of purchases are not disclosed due to military secrecy.

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