If there's good in the world, it has a face
About us
The founders of the Foundation are Oleg Krot and Yuriy Lazebnikov, managing partners of the TECHIIA holding.

If there is good in the world, it has a face. People do good for other people. Doing good is easy. Easy if you can feel the needs of others. Easy if you hear what your heart says. Easy if you react not only with compassion, but also with concrete actions. At TECHIIA, we are united by common values, and we have a need not only to adhere to the principles of sustainable development, but also to help people.
Non-governmental organization «Techiia Foundation»
Previously, Oleg Krot and Yuriy Lazebnikov implemented charitable projects as private individuals. And over time, it became necessary to take a systematic approach to solving problems in the areas of operation of TECHIIA's businesses. Employees, partners, suppliers and clients of the holding expressed their desire to join the charitable projects of Yuriy and Oleg. The Techiia Foundation was created to pool resources, direct them to the systemic solution of the most painful problems and make people's lives better.

Oleg Krot, the founder: «‎The similarity of the name "techiia" with the name of TECHIIA holding is very organic. "Techiia" or current is the flow of living water, which is the good, that we bring to people. We believe, that by joining forces, we can do more.»

Yuriy Lazebnikov, Founder: «TECHIIA Holding is a group of concerned people who improve the lives of others by generating technological changes in society. The Techiia Foundation is also an opportunity to influence people's social lives.»

The Techiia Foundation's logo has an interesting idea. It is a three-dimensional image of the water resources of the Earth's surface. You only have to look at it to hear the sound of water and the splash of the oceans. It is symbolic, that the logo reflects the oceans of kindness, which are in the hearts of people, who help others thanks to the Foundation.
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We are attentive to the selection of projects, involving the founders of the Foundation, our partners and experts. The Supervisory Council of the Foundation and its employees determine the areas of activity of the Foundation, analyze promising projects and offer a list of them for implementation. We adhere to internal procedures to ensure maximum efficiency and transparency of the Foundation's work.

Our principles of work
Project selection criteria
Improving the social life
The project has an impact on improving the social life of the population in the areas of operation of TECHIIA holding's businesses.
Big influence
The project affects the social life of as many people as possible.
Being realistic
We assess the viability of the project: it is important for us, that it is realistic.
Measurable benefits
The project brings measurable benefits to the beneficiary.
The project is unique. We focus on issues, that are not the focus of other funds or government programs.
Delivering projects
We are happy to implement projects initiated by our partners. And we take control over implementation.

Selection criteria for beneficiary partners
We are aware that our partners may be public institutions, such as hospitals or educational institutions. By interacting with them, we are ready to provide all the necessary documents for the implementation of the project to take place in accordance with the law. The reputation of the partner and his experience in implementing charitable projects with non-governmental organizations is important to us.
Health care
Thanks to our health, we can enjoy life, have children, raise them, work and fulfill our most daring dreams. At the Techiia Foundation, we strive to make people's lives longer and the quality of these lives higher. That is why we care about health by implementing projects to provide medical institutions with medicines and using the latest treatment technologies.
Areas of activity
Development of STEM education
TECHIIA Holding is a team of enthusiasts working with passion and developing innovative solutions that make people's lives better and work in harmony with the environment. Technology is our element. And we want to have more like-minded people in Ukraine. For this purpose, we implement projects to improve the quality of STEM education of schoolchildren and students. We do our best to ensure, that STEM education meets the needs of the information technology market as much as possible.
Targeted social projects
Life flows along its current. Life can be calm, but it can also be rough. We support people with targeted assistance. Oleg Krot and Yuriy Lazebnikov, the founders of TECHIIA Holding, started the work of the Foundation with this kind of assistance, receiving personal requests for help from people and helping as private individuals. Since then, the number of such requests has increased, and the assistance has become systematic and has been directed in a number of ways. Social projects are one of the focus areas of the Foundation's activities, which provide an opportunity to help where needed.
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