"The Techiia Foundation" donated over 10,000 plush toys to children

Children in different parts of Ukraine received plush heroes from the popular game MORTAL KOMBAT. Figures of the most famous characters were given to children who suffered as a result of russia's invasion of Ukraine, orphaned kids, and children with disabilities.

"The Techiia Foundation" donated over 10,000 plush toys to children

In total, 10,344 toys from the MORTAL KOMBAT collection by “WP Merchandise!” were donated. All of them were designed and manufactured in Ukraine under an official license from Warner Bros. Thousands of plush Kitana, Raiden, Scorpion, Shao Kahn, and Sub-Zero now have new owners in various regions of Ukraine.

"The Techiia Foundation" handed over the toys to partner charities and public organizations that care for orphaned children, children from internally displaced families, and those who have lost parents in the war. They were also given to families raising a child with disabilities and families facing challenging life circumstances.

"We believe in the power of goodness and the positive impact that toys have on children's lives. We hope they will bring joy to the children and emotionally support these little heroes who have unfortunately encountered difficulties," said Yuna Cheis, the chairperson of the Techiia Foundation.

All the toys donated by the Techiia Foundation are completely safe, environmentally friendly, and comply with European quality certificates. They will not only provide entertainment but, according to psychologists, also help stimulate imagination and encourage children to engage in active and interactive play, contributing to the development of various aspects of their personalities.

Below is a list of organizations that received the toys:

  1. Charitable organization "CO Novykh Zmin"
  2. Bucha Lyceum No. 5
  3. Religious organization "Religious Administration of Eastern Rite Salesian Monasteries in Ukraine of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church"
  4. Public organization "Integrum"
  5. Charitable organization "COI Center for Future Social Projects"
  6. Charitable organization "Kyiv Regional Branch CO “SOS Children's Town"
  7. Charitable organization "CO Caritas-Kyiv"
  8. Charitable organization "CO “RODYNA-Ukraine"

It is worth mentioning that in February, the Techiia Foundation donated licensed plush Patron Dog toys to children from the Kyiv region who were affected by the war. The toy was designed and manufactured by the Ukrainian company WP Merchandise!, which is part of the TECHIIA holding.

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