Techiia Foundation and the Kyiv Regional Employment Service have signed a Memorandum on veterans' education

The Kyiv Regional Employment Service is now a partner in the project "School for Veterans and Their Families," aimed at providing modern civilian education to veterans of the russian-Ukrainian war and their family members.

The NGO Techiia Foundation continues its preparations for the launch of the comprehensive project "School for Veterans and Their Families," which will help the demobilized military personnel gain practical knowledge in IT, design, and creative economics. This will increase the participants' chances of getting a job in demand in civilian life.

The Kyiv Regional Employment Service and the Techiia Foundation will cooperate to help students and school graduates find opportunities for employment, and additional training, and will also combine efforts to obtain grants from national and international programs in the social sphere.

"We continue to bring together businesses, educational establishments, and government institutions to form a truly high-quality School that provides relevant knowledge and can offer guidance on potential employment. This is an important element in the process of veterans' return to civilian life and their successful self-realization. We are pleased that the Kyiv Regional Employment Service has agreed to enhance our project with its capabilities and expertise," said Yuna Cheis, Chair of the Board of the NGO Techiia Foundation.

"Comprehensive support for individuals who defended the country as part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and their family members is our top priority today. Many servicemen have essentially lost their jobs that they had during peacetime. So, after they return from the front, we need to adapt them, educate them, and provide them with new knowledge and skills. We are pleased to work on this important matter together with the Techiia Foundation," commented Denys Darmostuk, Director of the Kyiv Regional Employment Service.

It's worth noting that the detailed conditions of selection to the “Veteran School” are available on the project's webpage. You can also fill out an online application to participate in the selection process.

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