School for Veterans and Their Families

Social project

Ukraine's defenders have undertaken the most courageous act – they joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine to stop russian occupiers. Thousands of brave soldiers have lost limbs or suffered injuries that make it challenging for them to serve on the frontlines or find jobs in civilian life.

We strive to show appreciation to our heroes and support their integration into a new phase of life. Our school assists veterans of the russian-Ukrainian war and their family members in obtaining modern education in IT and creative economy and increasing their chances of securing in-demand employment. Education is provided free of charge.




What is taught at the school?


Together with our educational partners, we have developed practical specialized training programs. Successfully completing the training will help graduates take their first steps in a new profession. The duration of the training varies from 2 to 3 months depending on the course.

Students can choose from a range of courses to acquire basic knowledge in the following specialties:

  • Assistant Manager + Recruiter
  • Customer Relations Manager in IT
  • IT Services Sales Representative
  • Digital Marketer
  • Illustrator
  • Video Game Artist
  • Animation Designer

We also offer an "Introduction to IT" program for teenagers aged 15-18.

Who can become a student?


We invite applications for free education from individuals belonging to the following categories:

  • Veterans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (Armed Forces, Security Service, National Police, National Guard, State Border Guard Service, and other formations involved in repelling russian military aggression against Ukraine).
  • Active military personnel who know that demobilization is expected within 3 months.
  • Family members of veterans and service members who have become disabled due to combat actions.
  • Family members of defenders who are in captivity or are considered missing in action.
  • Family members of deceased combatants.

How to enroll in the school?


1. Fill out the application for selection:

Only provide the information requested in the application form. This helps us select potential students who meet all our criteria.

IMPORTANT! There is no need to provide personal information regarding military rank, unit numbers, etc.




2. Attend an interview

After completing the application, a confirmation email will be sent to the applicant's email address. Within three days, a school coordinator will contact the applicant and conduct an interview. This will be a short informal conversation to get to know each other better and gather more details. Applicants can ask any questions about the school, and the coordinator will assess the applicant's readiness for learning.

3. Choose the desired course

After the interview with the applicant, a course selection manager will get in touch to help choose the training course that best aligns with the applicant's skills and career expectations.

After that, the applicant will receive an email with the decision regarding their enrollment.

4. Sign an agreement with the NGO "Techiia Foundation" and educational partner to start free training

At this stage, we may request scanned copies of documents confirming the applicant's status as indicated in the application.

Signing the agreement does not impose any financial obligations on the applicant but confirms their informed consent to complete all stages of training, including homework, following the course curator's instructions, and taking exams to receive a training certificate.

IMPORTANT! We form groups of students with motivation, a conscious desire, and the strength to complete the entire training program. Please note that some courses may have language proficiency requirements, such as English at a level not lower than Pre-Intermediate.

How will the candidate selection for training take place?


Since the number of available spots is limited, we create a ranking of candidates based on their applications and interviews. Priority will be given to those who have a clear choice of the training course and whose knowledge and skills meet the criteria set by the course creator.


Selection criteria for candidates

  • Belonging to categories of individuals eligible for school enrollment
  • A clear and well-founded motivation for taking the course
  • A conscious willingness to learn and complete all homework assignments
  • Technical capabilities for learning, including a suitable place, internet access, and a laptop
  • English language proficiency level (dependent on the chosen course)
  • Readiness to make efforts in job searching after completing the course
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