10 more vehicles for evacuation and work of Ukrainian defenders

The Techiia Foundation has purchased and delivered another 10 vehicles to Ukrainian defenders. The cost of the aid is over UAH 3.1 million.

10 more vehicles for evacuation and work of Ukrainian defenders

All the cars purchased by the Foundation are different and serve different purposes. An all-wheel drive KIA helps soldiers in the Bakhmut area, a Volkswagen minivan and a Renault minibus are used for evacuation in the Vuhledar area, and a Volkswagen minibus is used by the Cultural Troopers to transport artists and psychologists to support the military in Kherson and Zaporizhzhia.

Three ambulances are working with specialists from the National University of Defense of Ukraine to help evacuate the wounded, and two more four-wheel drive vehicles are working in the Kherson sector.

"A car in and near the war zone is a consumable, but our team is always looking for reliable vehicles that can last as long as possible. We believe that each of the 10 vehicles will do its job and help save dozens of lives," comments Yuna Chase, Chairman of the Board of The Current Foundation.

To recap, since Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the NGO Techiia Foundation has purchased more than UAH 27 million worth of vehicles for the Ukrainian Defense Forces ($745 thousand at the NBU exchange rate). For a detailed report on all support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, please see here.

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