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Brave citizens of Ukraine have stood up to defend their homeland against russian aggression. Thousands of them have lost limbs, but they remain unstoppable. Neither enemy nor injury nor anything else can restrain their desire to live a full life in a free Ukraine. We are inspired by the strength of their spirit and, together with producers of modern mechanical and bionic prostheses, and prosthetic and rehabilitation centers, we make an important contribution to their goal – we help them take their first steps again and embrace their loved ones with both arms.

What expenses are covered by the "Techiia Foundation":

  • prosthesis manufacturing
  • prosthesis installation

Who can claim to participate in the project:

  • military personnel who lost limbs during combat
  • civilians who lost limbs due to hostile attacks
  • patients who do not fall under government funding programs or require special conditions are given priority

The project's recipients:

  • Maksym, a separate tank company, received a modern mechanical prosthetic leg
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  • Viktor, 46th separate infantry battalion, received a bionic prosthetic arm
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  • Sergiy, 81st separate airmobile brigade, received a bionic prosthetic arm
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