Two servicemen received Esper Bionics bionic arms from the "Techiia Foundation"

Esper Bionics hand

Modern bionic arm prosthetics were given to Viktor and Serhiy – soldiers who bravely fought against the occupiers on the hottest frontlines.  This achievement is the result of a partnership between the Esper for Ukraine initiative by Esper Bionics and the "Nestrymni" project by the "Techiia Foundation" NGO. Esper Bionics manufactured the prosthetics, while the "Techiia Foundation" funded them and covered associated expenses. The amount of assistance for the two servicemen accounted for nearly 1 million UAH.

Viktor Kutuzakyi is originally from Odesa and has been living in Lviv and Brody for over 15 years. He is a career military man who took part in the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) and later became a machine gunner in the 46th Separate Rifle Battalion. In May 2022, during intense battles for Severodonetsk and Popasna, Viktor's unit defended positions near Komyshuvakha in the Luhansk region.

While repelling the russian attack, Viktor suffered severe injuries: shrapnel from an enemy mine severed his right wrist and foot, as well as several toes on his left foot. His fellow soldiers evacuated him, and medics did everything possible to save his life. Viktor spent several months in hospitals and rehabilitation centers. The government provided him with a prosthetic for his lower limb. Esper Bionics developed the bionic hand prosthesis, and the "Techiia Foundation" financed it. Currently, Viktor Kutuzakyi is serving in the rear and adapting to his new cyber hand.

Esper Bionics prosthetic hand

Serhiy, from the Kyiv region (he requested his last name not be disclosed), joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine immediately after the region was liberated. He became part of the 81st Separate Airmobile Brigade and fought in the East since May 2022. His unit held challenging positions in the so-called "Sherwood Forest" near the village of Bohorodychne on the border of Donetsk and Kharkiv regions.

On August 16, the russians carried out another shelling using cluster munitions in the area near the village of Dolyna, where Serhiy was serving. As a result of the attack, he lost his left arm, suffered concussions, numerous severe shrapnel wounds, and temporarily lost vision in one eye. After extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation, he received a mechanical prosthesis for his upper limb from the government. In the summer of 2023, thanks to the collaboration between Esper Bionics and the "Techiia Foundation," Serhiy was fitted with a bionic prosthesis for his left arm. The paratrooper's goal is to return to the frontline.

Esper Bionics prosthetic hand

"We understand that we cannot help everyone, so for our prosthetics project called 'Unstoppable' (Nestrynmi), we prioritize military personnel who, for various reasons, cannot obtain high-tech prosthetics from the government. Both Viktor and Serhiy are already honing their skills in operating the bionic limbs, and they will continue to serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine to contribute to Ukraine's victory," commented Oleg Krot, President of the "Techiia Foundation" and Managing Partner of the TECHIIA holding.

Esper Hand, the bionic upper limb prosthesis, reads signals from the remaining muscles in the user's arm and converts them into commands. The prosthesis constantly self-learns and adapts to the user's habits through machine learning. Esper Hand features five movable fingers, an anatomical design, and a weight that closely resembles a biological hand. This enables users to perform tasks requiring fine motor skills.

"Alongside responsible businesses, we co-finance the prosthetics for Ukrainians who lost limbs due to the war. With the help of Esper Hand, we restore people's ability to work, improve their daily life, and enhance socialization. An additional bonus is our service and engineering teams, who provide support and consultation to users directly in Ukraine," explained Bohdan Diorditsa, Project Manager of Esper for Ukraine at Esper Bionics.

Ukrainians in need of a bionic hand prosthesis can fill out a form on the Esper for Ukraine website. After that, a representative from the company will provide further guidance.

In April 2023, as part of the "Unstoppable" project, the "Techiia Foundation" financed a modern lower limb prosthesis for Maksym Ivanchenko, a military officer of the Ukrainian Armed Forces who was assigned to a separate tank company from the Lviv region.

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