Mobile Clinics

Social project

We deliver quality medical services to residents of liberated communities in Ukraine. This project is based on mobile medical ambulatories on wheels, capable of operating anywhere in the country while adhering to the norms and regulations of the Ministry of Health. A team of qualified doctors is formed according to the community's needs, and all services are provided to local residents free of charge.

The "Techiia Foundation" NGO has partnered with the project and contributed 9 million UAH, which was used to purchase and equip three mobile medical clinics. Each clinic is equipped with three medical offices where multi-specialty doctors consult patients and perform ultrasound, EKG, and laboratory tests. Each clinic is also equipped with a diesel generator, voltage stabilizer, water heater, and has a 400-liter water reserve.

Results of a typical one-day visit of the mobile clinics to a community:

  • 500+ medical services are provided by doctors
  • 130+ patients receive consultations and examinations
  • 7+ specialized medical professionals work in the clinics
  • patients receive free medications according to the doctors’ prescriptions
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