The NGO Techiia Foundation hands over FlyEye drones to the defenders of Ukraine

Two FlyEye 3.0 unmanned aerial vehicles worth $1.13 million (UAH 33 million) are already in the hands of Ukraine's defenders. Now pilots are training to operate new drone sets.

FlyEye 3.0 is an unmanned aerial vehicle developed by Flytronic. The drone can speed up to 120 km/h and fly up to 2.5 hours.

"The group of UAV pilots that received FlyEye has been dreaming to fly them for weeks now. This is a mini-reconnaissance set that allows you to work day and night at distances over 50 km. This is a very valuable reinforcement of Ukraine's defenders from the Techiia Foundation and its founder Oleg Krot," said Oleksandr Karpyuk, also known as Serg Marco, one of the “soldiers” in the Ministry of Defense's "volunteer troops."

This is the third supply of reconnaissance equipment from the Techiia Foundation since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. In total, the organization purchased and transferred to the hotspots of Ukraine humanitarian aid worth about $7.9 million (UAH 231 million). In addition to drones, the aid includes protective gear, tactical clothing and equipment, generators, communications, and food.

Our team continues to collect and meet the needs of defenders of Ukraine and victims of war. Anyone who wants to help us can make donations by the following link. The limit of one transfer is UAH 149,999 (EUR 4,500), but the number of transfers is unlimited.

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