The Eva Inclusion Center is reopen for its visitors

For the first time since the start of the full-scale war, the Children's Inclusion and Correction Center Eva  in Petropavlivska-Borshchahivka is opening its doors to patients to provide free rehabilitation services for children with disabilities and after cancer surgery.

The Eva Inclusion Center is reopen for its visitors

In the Eva, located in the picturesque suburbs of Kyiv in the middle of a pine forest, children are treated by highly qualified specialists, namely rehab specialists, psychologists, neurocorrectional psychologists, defectologists, art therapists, masseurs and kinesiotherapists.

The center treats 40 children within each three-month rehabilitation course. Kids with cerebral palsy, autism, Down, Rhett and Williams syndromes, nervous system disorders, dysarthria, alalia, multiple developmental disorders, heart, hearing, vision and musculoskeletal disorders are being helped here. Kids who underwent cancer operations or those who are on treatment (if rehabilitation is recommended by the attending physician) are also being treated in the Center.

Svitlana Yezhova, the Head of the Eva Center:

"We hope that this was the first and last long break in the work of our center. After three months of silence, the children are back in our premises, the pool and the yard again. And we are glad to welcome new visitors, so don’t hesitate to apply."

First patients where treated by the Eva Inclusion and Correction Center back in 2021, and since then over 300 children have received free rehabilitation services. The funding is orvided by the NGO Techiia Foundation - a public organization of the TECHIIA holding.

You can pre-register for the free rehabilitation course by the link. Learn more about Eva's programs and services by phone: +380 67 521 7992.

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