"We need to unite and end the war," says Bradley Ross

Hollywood agent Bradley Ross called on people from all over the world to unite and do everything possible to end the war in Ukraine and make sure it can’t ever happen again. Ross stated this in his video address within the #StandwithUkraine initiative.

"We need to unite and end the war," says Bradley Ross

"I’m heartbroken and sad by events we see in Ukraine. It is sad to see how political ambitions and the desire for power unleash horror and cruelty," said Bradley Ross in a video recorded at the WePlay Esports Arena L.A. at the invitation of the NGO Techiia Foundation.

He added that people worldwide cannot ignore the horror and destruction the Russian troops brought to Ukraine.

"I think the people of the world need to collectively unite somehow and make sure that it stops and it can’t ever happen again. I think it has to be in everybody's thoughts and prayers, and actions from this day forward," Ross emphasized.

It is worth recalling that model and writer Maye Musk, director Roland Emmerich, Belgian Ambassador to the United States Gunther Sleuvagen, car-sharing business owner Ivan Agapchev, influencer Anna Sherman and other opinion leaders have recorded videos in support of Ukraine at the invitation of the Techiia Foundation.

Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Techiia Foundation has purchased and delivered humanitarian aid to Ukraine's defenders and victims of the war worth over $21 million (UAH 620 million). These are armored means of protection, generators, drones, tactical clothing, equipment, and hot meals for the people of Kyiv and the suburbs.

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