The NGO Techiia Foundation donated 3 medical gurneys to a hospital in the city of Kamianske

The new equipment is already operating in the hospital and helps to quickly perform operations in trauma departments. The cost of the upgrade is UAH 540,000.

The city emergency medical hospital in the city of Kamianske serves patients from several districts of the Dnipropetrovsk region. Cardiological, surgical, traumatological, neurosurgical, and gynecological care is provided here, and the hospital is part of the national network of disaster medicine.

After the full-scale invasion of the russian federation into Ukraine, doctors’ workload increased significantly. In particular, in the departments of polytrauma and traumatology and orthopedics, where gurneys were used to transport patients, which were purchased by the hospital a long time ago.

The Techiia Foundation handed over to the hospital new cutting-edge Linet Sprint 100 medical gurneys worth UAH 540,000. Their feature is an X-ray transparent bed, which allows doctors to use the gurney as an operating table and carry out manipulations under X-ray control. Part of the spots of the Dnipropetrovsk region are under regular shelling and local residents are not infrequently injured. The update helps to remove fragments from the limbs of the wounded without unnecessary movements - immediately on the gurney.

"We are extremely grateful for the new gurneys. Currently, there is a huge load on junior and middle-level medical professionals, and this new medical technology will make our work much easier and better. They are light, maneuverable, and multifunctional. Patients are also happy with the gift. Because our old gurneys were very many years old," says Oleksandr Gromov, the Head of orthopedic and trauma care at the hospital in Kamianske.

New gurneys meet all today’s requirements. They have side guards that prevent the patient from falling, and the 4-section bed allows you to change the configuration according to the needs of the patient.

"We continue to upgrade equipment in Ukrainian hospitals to help medics cope with the challenges of war as best as possible. We have talented and experienced doctors, and modern equipment allows them to work even more efficiently," comments Oleg Krot, the Managing Partner of the TECHIIA holding and the co-founder of the NGO Techiia Foundation.

It is worth a reminder that since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the russian federation of Ukraine, the Techiia Foundation has purchased humanitarian aid for the defenders of Ukraine and victims of the war for over UAH 620 million ($21.2 million). Prior to that, during the 4 years of the "Get well soon!" project, the organization was helping to update medical equipment in 10 hospitals in Ukraine and helped save hundreds of lives.

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