"Techiia Foundation" helped develop the identity for "Mobile Doctors"

The updated modern design better conveys the essence and values of the project and is also more understandable for partners and those who receive assistance from the "Mobile Doctors." This is the first project within the partnership of the "Mobile Doctors" and the "Techiia Foundation." 

Experts from the TECHIIA holding developed the new identity. The comprehensive redesign was completed on a turnkey basis in just two weeks in order to be in time for the next departure of “hospitals on wheels.”

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"Mobile Doctors" is a project that provides access to professional medical care and medication to residents of de-occupied regions. Within its framework, trucks equipped with fully functional medical offices and laboratories are dispatched to the affected villages. The team of doctors is formed based on community requests. Local residents undergo examinations, necessary blood and urine tests, ultrasound, and ECG, and receive prescribed medications free of charge. 

The project was launched in October 2022 from the village of Moshchun in the Kyiv region and has reached over 1,000 people from villages in Chernihiv, Kyiv, and Sumy regions by June 2023. The plans include the regions of Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv, Kherson, Luhansk, and Donetsk.

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"The redesign was necessary for us for several reasons. Firstly, to improve the overall recognition and understanding of the project. Secondly, to emphasize its philosophy — we draw attention to healthcare in de-occupied villages and communities. Its condition was already unsatisfactory, and after the full-scale invasion, the situation critically worsened, particularly due to the deliberate destruction of medical infrastructure by the russian aggressor. Thirdly, we became a part of the Fortitude UA fund, so a visual update was much needed," explains Oleksandr Bukhtiyar, co-founder of the "Mobile Doctors" project.

According to him, the TECHIIA team did an excellent job with the task. The new style is strong and European, with well-selected relevant colors.

partner logo

"We settled on a combination of several simple and understandable symbols that would best describe the essence of the 'Mobile Doctors.' The so-called 'star of life' is a universal symbol of medicine; the pill represents accessible medication for everyone; the arrow signifies movement and is a sign commonly seen on road signs; the human figure represents those for whom this project was created" explains Bohdan Pata, the designer from TECHIIA, about the logo concept.

The colors were also derived from the medical field. They play their role in the proper perception of the visual style. Mint green is the color of the rubber typically used for medical gloves. Blue is inspired by the light of germicidal lamps, and dark violet is reminiscent of potassium permanganate.

partner logo

The vehicles and visual materials of the "Mobile Doctors" are already being adapted to the new brand book. 

"This is just the beginning of our partnership. Ahead of us are many more joint projects that will directly relate to medical assistance for residents of affected regions. Details will be announced very soon," announces Yuna Cheis, Chair of the Board of the NGO "Techiia Foundation."

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