"Techiia Foundation" becomes a partner of the project "Mobile Doctors"

Three mobile ambulatories, nine medical cabinets, multi-profile doctors, lab tests, and ultrasound examinations – the "Techiia Foundation" funded the creation of a new mobile medical complex for the "Mobile Doctors" project. Such a complex costs over 10 million UAH, with nearly 9 million UAH covered by the "Techiia Foundation."

"Techiia Foundation" becomes a partner of the project "Mobile Doctors"

The equipment of three semi-trailers, which will form the basis of the new mobile medical complex, is nearing completion. Each semi-trailer consists of three cabinets equipped in accordance with the sanitary norms and rules of the Ministry of Health. The cabins feature air conditioning, ventilation, and heating systems, ensuring that patients can receive medical services in comfortable conditions throughout the year.

The semi-trailers can operate completely autonomously: each one is equipped with a diesel generator, voltage stabilizer, water heater, and a 400-liter water reserve – sufficient for a day's work.

"We have taken care of the comfort of the patients and ensured accessibility for people with disabilities. We have also equipped the complex with a laboratory, pharmacy, and facilities for the medical staff. Everything is just like in a regular hospital, only delivered to the patients. Today, we have the largest fleet of mobile ambulances in Ukraine, and this is just the beginning; we have serious plans for scaling up," commented Olexandr Bukhtiyar, co-founder of the "Mobile Doctors" project.

The first deployment of the new mobile medical complex is scheduled for the end of July in the de-occupied communities of Chernihiv Oblast. The medical team serving local patients will include neurologists, gynecologists, endocrinologists, cardiologists, therapists, psychologists, and nurses. In addition to medical consultations, the facility will offer ultrasound scans, ECGs, blood tests, and a mobile pharmacy where patients can receive necessary medications, all provided free of charge.

For purchasing, outfitting, and equipping the semi-trailers and funding the first deployment, the NGO "Techiia Foundation" contributed 8.85 million UAH to the project.

“We have been actively supporting the development of Ukrainian medicine since 2019, primarily focusing on children's oncology hospitals. However, recognizing the need for new projects to address emerging challenges, we decided to support the "Mobile Doctors" initiative, which aims to provide quality medical services to areas left in ruins by the invaders, contributing to the recovery and development of these regions through healthcare interventions” – explains Oleg Krot, president of the Techiia Foundation and managing partner of the TECHIIA holding.

Since 2019, the "Techiia Foundation" has been implementing the "Get Well Soon!" project, which facilitated equipment modernization in 19 medical institutions across 14 cities in Ukraine, with an investment of nearly 27 million UAH. According to healthcare personnel, this upgraded equipment has already facilitated over 8,500 surgeries and more than 84,000 laboratory tests, significantly improving medical capabilities in the supported facilities.

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