President of the “Techiia Foundation” supported a Ukrainian social primary school in Cyprus

Thanks to financial support from Oleg Krot, president of the NGO “Techiia Foundation,” Ukrainian children in Limassol who fled their home country due to the invasion of the russian federation receive quality education under the Ukrainian primary program.

The Techiia Foundation supported a Ukrainian primary school in Cyprus

One of the TECHIIA holding offices has already been operating in Limassol city in Cyprus for several years. After the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine, Cyprus also became a place of refuge for thousands of Ukrainians looking for a safe place for themselves and their children. A request for a single community and opportunities for children's education appeared — and such a space was created by Ukrainians who have been living on the island for many years.

Currently, 21 children are studying in the Ukrainian educational space "Kryla", supported by the president of the NGO Techiia Foundation in the zero, first and second grades, and enrollment continues in the third and fourth grades. The children study under the "New Ukrainian School" (NUS) program in partnership with a school in Ukraine. Therefore, children will receive the necessary knowledge and documents that will allow them to continue their education in Ukraine or Cyprus without any problems. Tuition fees are symbolic, several times lower compared with other schools on the island.

The basic NUS program in "Kryla" was enhanced with additional lessons in English and mathematics, and children also develop soft skills that will come in handy in adulthood.

Lilia Lapeyeva, founder and head of the Ukrainian educational space "Kryla":

"We strive to create not just a good school but an educational space that will become a place of unity for the community of Ukrainians in Cyprus. Therefore, we use it outside of school hours for meetings with adults. We have separate events for the elderly and develop the Ukrainian scout movement — "Plast".

Oleg Krot, president of the “Techiia Foundation” NGO:

"Educational space is a wonderful initiative that allows Ukrainian children to receive a good education and facilitates the process of adapting to life in a new country. Community building is an important process for both children and their parents, allowing them to feel that they have friends and support in their new environment."

You can find details about the school and terms of admission to study on the Ukrainian educational space "Kryla" page on Facebook.

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