Plus 10 vehicles for the Defense Forces of Ukraine from the Techiia Foundation

The Techiia Foundation has donated 10 more cars to the military. These are jeeps, vans, and pickups that perform various tasks on the front lines, including evacuating the wounded from the battlefield.

Vehicles for the Defense Forces of Ukraine

From December until today, with the help of partners, the Techiia Foundation has purchased and sent ten vehicles to the front lines. These include Volkswagen and Citroen minibusses, Mitsubishi Outlander and Nissan Pathfinder crossovers, and Mitsubishi L200, Nissan Navara, and Ford F-150 pickups. Several mechanized brigades and special forces units received these vehicles.

Several Nissan Pathfinders were modified for use as special transport for evacuating the wounded. They were equipped with space for a  medical stretcher and a ramp, and a place for a medic. A defibrillator, an artificial respirator, accessories for drip infusion, and other emergency medical supplies and medications were installed in the upgraded cabin.

"We handed over one of the first adapted vehicles for evacuating injured people in August 2022. This car has already helped evacuate 28 wounded soldiers from the battlefield, and 4 of them were in critical condition. All of them survived!" says Oleg Krot, managing partner of the TECHIIA holding and director of the Techia Foundation NGO.

Recall that the Techiia Foundation reported 30 vehicles for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in December: 17 all-wheel drive SUVs in the pickup and crossover bodies and 13 vans. They were distributed according to the requests of several mechanized brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Special Operations Forces units.

Overall, since the start of russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the amount of aid to the military from the Techiia Foundation has crossed the $22 million mark. It includes body armor, helmets, drones, optics, generators, etc. Oleg Krot personally supported the Ukrainian Armed Forces with an additional $40 million, the details of which are not disclosed due to military secrecy.

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