Free prosthetics: "Techiia Foundation" and "Bez Obmezhen" signed a Memorandum

NGO "Techiia Foundation" and the Prosthetics Center "Bez Obmezhen" signed a Memorandum on joint prosthetics of Ukrainians who lost their limbs in the war.

Free prosthetics: "Techiia Foundation" and "Bez Obmezhen" signed a Memorandum

More than a thousand Ukrainians lost limbs in only the first three months of russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health. And this figure, unfortunately, will constantly grow.

The public organization "Techiia Foundation" and the Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Rehabilitation Center "Bez Obmezhen" will unite to help Ukrainians who lost their limbs due to the war. "Bez Obmezhen" will produce prosthetic and orthopedic products and provide services for their installation and support during use. The “Techiia Foundation” will cover the costs of patients who are not eligible for government funding programs or require special conditions.

Oleg Krot, director of the “Techiia Foundation” NGO:

"Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, we have been helping the Defense Forces to win this war. But besides the struggle on the military front, there is another one for the full life of people affected by the war. This is a new direction of the Techiia Foundation's work, and our first partner is the  Prosthetics Center "Bez Obmezhen." They have many years of experience in this field, their own production, and a network of establishments throughout the country. Therefore, we have a lot of important joint work ahead of us."

Andriy Ovcharenko, director of the "Bez Obmezhen" Center:

"The full-scale war, unfortunately, significantly increased the need for prosthetics. A number of government programs are currently operating for the free provision of technical rehabilitation equipment for persons with disabilities, but there are likely exceptions to cases that hinder the timely and rapid provision of prosthetic and orthopedic products, for example, the loss of documents. With the support of the Techiia Foundation, we will be able to meet the needs of such patients in prosthetics and then fully integrate the person back into society."

In order to apply for participation in the project, patients must first come for a consultation at any center of the "Bez Obmezhen" network. After the doctors' recommendations, the “Techiia Foundation” will consider the application for funding.

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