Children of war from Kyiv region received plush Patrons

"Techiia Foundation" has gifted 40 soft toys called "Dog-Patron" to children from the Kyiv region who have suffered in the wake of the russian invasion of Ukraine.

Plush dogs Patrons for children | Techiia Foundation

The Charitable Foundation “Family-Ukraine” cares for children by providing psychological, social, and physical rehabilitation, as well as helping to overcome symptoms of PTSD. According to the caregivers, the plush dog Patron has become an embodiment of safety, reliability, care, and protection for the children.

Children with "Dog-Patron" plush toy
Children with "Dog-Patron" plush toy

"We have over 400 children under our care. Some of them have lost their parents during the war, most were under occupation in other regions of Ukraine, and some have been left without homes. For such children, we have organized long-term psychological rehabilitation in Kyiv. And the plush Patrons will become reliable companions for children on this path," says Maria Kuyantseva, marketer at the “Family-Ukraine” Foundation.

A licensed plush Jack Russell terrier based on the comic book character of Patron was designed and produced by the Ukrainian company WP Merchandise, which is part of the TECHIIA holding. The toy is safe for children as it is made of soft fabric and does not cause allergies. The plush prototype of the legendary dog has the same tactical vest as the real Patron, as well as a collar with a medallion.

The “Family-Ukraine” Foundation’s wards need more than just toys, so they will be happy to meet anyone who wants to help children with PTSD restore their lost childhood.

Details can be found on the organization's website.

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