Eva Inclusion Center

Social project

Since March 2021, the Eva Inclusion and Correction Center has been operating on the territory with a pine forest in the suburbs of Kyiv. During the first year of operation, 300 children received free qualified assistance. Eva is organized by the Direct Aid Foundation, while the NGO Techiia Foundation fully funds the project.

Specialists of the Eva Center:


▪️ rehabilitation specialists

▪️ psychologists

▪️ neuropsychologists

▪️ defectologists

▪️ art therapists

▪️ masseurs

▪️ kinesiotherapists

Eva works with children diagnosed with:


▪️ Cerebral palsy

▪️ autism

▪️ Down, Rhett, Williams syndromes

▪️ nervous system disorders

▪️ dysarthria, alalia

▪️ skull defects

▪️ multiple malformations

▪️ heart, hearing, and vision impairments

▪️ musculoskeletal disorders

▪️ cancer rehabilitation

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