The "TECHIIA Foundation" and Futurra Group launched a career orientation course on IT for the children of military personnel

Currently, the pilot group training is underway, during which 13 students from middle and high school will learn about the path to a career in IT, the core specializations, and how to create a resume.

The free career orientation course, "Introduction to IT," was developed by the team at the Ukrainian product IT company Futurra Group. The course is open to the children of Ukraine's defenders who are in middle and high school and are considering a future profession in IT. This course is part of the comprehensive "Veteran School" project by the NGO "TECHIIA Foundation," and the foundation's team assists in identifying students for the course and communicates with military and veteran organizations.

"The choice of a future profession is a challenging and very important task, as it will significantly impact one's adult life. That's why our team has developed an engaging course and explains, in simple terms, how the IT industry is structured in Ukraine, the specifics of core IT professions, and career paths in both technical and non-technical fields. The initial feedback from children shows that we've chosen the right format," said Vitaliy Shatalov, CEO of Futurra Group.

The course instructors are experts from the Futurra Group company who share their practical experience and life hacks they've gained in their careers. Classes are held online twice a week with active discussions and regular feedback. The key is to build a dialogue with the students, answer their questions, and not just deliver lectures.

"The impressions after the lectures are great! Everything was interesting and understandable. At first, I thought it would be difficult, but the lecturers explained everything clearly and were very friendly and open. I learned a lot of useful information and am confident it will help me in the future! Thank you," shared student Khrystyna.

"The course helped me better understand what IT is in general, thanks to the great lecturers and interesting information. Overall, it was very informative, and most importantly, useful," shared his feedback Andriy.

"Our focus is on the children of Ukraine's defenders, as their parents are currently far from home, which makes the process of choosing a future profession more complex and emotional for them. We want to help them make an informed choice that will later translate into a successful career path. We are delighted that the Futurra Group team supported this idea and developed an interesting and practical course," commented Yuna Cheis, Chair of the Board of the "TECHIIA Foundation."

The pilot course is currently underway to test the format, content, homework, and make the training as beneficial as possible. The organizers will announce the criteria and selection process for the next enrollment in the future.

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