Techiia Foundation donated Ukrainian tactical clothing worth UAH 5.4 million to the military

Since the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion, the Techiia Foundation has ordered over 14,000 units of clothing and accessories for the Defense Forces of Ukraine from Ukrainian companies.

Tactical clothing from the Techiia Foundation for UAH 5.4 million

By order of the Foundation, a few garment factories in Kyiv and the region began to produce clothing for the military. They manufacture T-shirts, tactical vests, fleece jackets, long sleeves, underpants, underwear, hats, balaclavas, and also tactical first-aid kits and camouflage suits.

In 2022, 14,469 units of products worth UAH 5.4 million were manufactured and sent to the military. In 2023, cooperation continues, so units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will keep receiving new high-quality clothing.

"In the first months after the invasion, we were buying clothes in stores, reserving everything we could find in the warehouses, and ordering from abroad. Later, we decided to support not only the Armed Forces of Ukraine but also the Ukrainian business in one fell swoop. As a result, seamstresses have kept their jobs, the factory pays taxes, and our defenders have high-quality and comfortable clothes," explains Oleg Krot, managing partner of the TECHIIA holding and director of the Techiia Foundation NGO.

Recall that during the strongest escalation of the war, by June 2022, the Techiia Foundation purchased tactical clothing and equipment for the Ukrainian Defense Forces for $4.3 million. In general, the amount of assistance to the military from the organization crossed the $22 million mark: these are bulletproof vests, helmets, drones, optics, generators, and much more. Oleg Krot personally supported the Armed Forces of Ukraine for another $40 million. The details of these purchases were not disclosed due to military secrecy.

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