Defenders' eyes: The Techiia Foundation handed over 26 more thermal sights to the military

Over the past few months, “Techiia Foundation” has donated 26 thermal sights worth UAH 1.15 million to the Defense Forces of Ukraine. They were handed over to mechanized brigades, air defense forces, SOF, border guards, national guards, and units of other military branches.

The Techiia Foundation handed over 26 more thermal sights to the military

Based on military requests, the foundation purchased AGM Taipan, AGM Rattler, AGM Fuzion, Hikmicro Thunder Pro, Hikmicro LYNX Pro and HIKVISION HikMicro thermal imaging devices. The units of the 28th OMBr, 30th OMBr, 36th OMBr, 54th OMBr, 60 OMBr, as well as units of the Air Defense, SOF, Area Defense, National Guard, and State Border Guard Service received them.

“The ability to see at any time of the day is a basic need on the front lines, especially in winter when it gets dark very quickly. Back in the first months of the large-scale war, we purchased a large batch of smart binoculars and optics for the military, and now we have met several dozen fresh requests,” comments Oleg Krot, director of the Techiia Foundation and managing partner of the TECHIIA holding.

“In winter it gets dark very early, at 17.00 you can’t see anything. And we finally got devices for fighting the war at night. These are our eyes, thanks to which we can see what is happening around,” said the military man with the call sign Taran. His unit uses the AGM Fuzion thermal imaging monocular.

Recall that in May of last year the Techiia Foundation purchased Binox 4T binoculars, optical devices, and accessories from the American company ATN. The cost of the purchase was UAH 131.5 million ($4.5 million at the NBU exchange rate as of May 2022). In total, the amount of assistance to the Defense Forces of Ukraine has approached the mark of $22 million. Also, Oleg Krot personally purchased another $40 million worth of necessary items for the army. Not all details may be disclosed due to military secrecy.

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