Ambulatories from Techiia Foundation and Mobile Doctors: first deployment

138 patients, 590 medical services, and, hopefully, improved health for local residents in the future. The "Techiia Foundation" provided the funding and the charitable fund Fortitude UA built three ambulatory complexes as part of the "Mobile Doctors" project. Over the weekend, they made their first visit to the village of Nova Basan in the Chernihiv region.

Children in front of the Mobile Doctors ambulatory complex

Saturday morning. Three trucks with "Mobile Doctors" written on them stopped near the worn-out but still operational paramedic point in the village of Nova Basan in the Chernihiv region. In February 2022, columns of enemy armored vehicles marched through the village, but now, a convoy of mobile medical clinics arrived to conduct comprehensive medical examinations for the residents.

Each truck is a new modern outpatient clinic that meets the Ministry of Health requirements. They have three rooms with air conditioning, heating, ventilation, water supply, and electricity, along with necessary furniture and equipment. But most importantly, they have qualified doctors and medical staff who will be examining the locals for the next 8 hours. Spoiler alert: many of the residents haven't had medical check-ups for several years.

While the doctors prepared the rooms for consultations, the residents of Nova Basan lined up in a queue that didn't diminish throughout the day. 138 patients received consultations from general practitioners, cardiologists, endocrinologists, ophthalmologists, neurologists, gynecologists, and psychologists. Upon the doctors' referrals, the patients received on-site ultrasound examinations, electrocardiograms, blood tests, and necessary medications. All the services provided were free for the patients. The establishment of the clinics and the cost of the visit were covered by the "Techiia Foundation."

"We've been helping to improve Ukrainian medicine since 2019, primarily by modernizing equipment in children's hospitals. The full-scale invasion by russia presented new challenges, so we supported the 'Mobile Doctors' project and financed the complex that delivers quality medical services to the residents of the liberated territories of Ukraine," says Yuna Cheis, Chairperson of the "Techiia Foundation."

Yuna Cheis, Chairperson of the "Techiia Foundation."

The "Mobile Doctors" project was conceived by the team of the charitable foundation Fortitude UA, which also handles the organizational work. The "Techiia Foundation" NGO funded the creation of the three semi-trailer complexes and covered the visit to Nova Basan, spending almost 9 million UAH for this purpose.

Mobile Doctors Team

"We have the largest fleet of mobile ambulatory complexes in Ukraine. Before each visit, we consult with the local self-government to form an optimal list of specialists and meet the needs of the residents to the maximum extent. The demand for our visits is very high, so we call on businesses to join the project," comments Andriy Zapitetskyi, co-founder of the "Mobile Doctors" project.

Representatives from the de-occupied regions who want to invite a mobile ambulatory clinic to their community can get in touch with the Fortitude UA team.

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