"Techiia Foundation" is in the top 10 corporate social responsibility projects according to the "Business" magazine
November 5, 2019
The authors of the rating noted the activity of the NGO "Techiia Foundation", which is part of the TECHIIA holding. This year the Foundation has equipped the surgical department of the regional children's hospital in the city of Kropivnitsky with modern equipment which helps to save children's lives.
You know what they say: create a name for yourself in society, and it will turn its face towards you. In this issue, we have collected stories of successful and mutually beneficial cooperation between business and society, which have a synergetic effect. Get acquainted. And be inspired," says "Business" editorial staff in their introduction to the rating.

One of the inspiring stories is the experience of the NGO "Techiia Foundation". This September, Yury Lazebnikov and Oleg Krot, managing partners of TECHIIA holding and founders of the Techiia Foundation, purchased and delivered to the hospital a trepanation surgical system and an electric coagulator worth UAH 1.5 million. The equipment makes it possible to perform operative, safe, and bloodless operations on the brain.

This is how one of the hospital's most significant problems was solved - the need to transport patients to the capital. Now it is possible to perform surgery on patients in Kropivnitsky, without wasting precious time on the transfer.

In general, since the beginning of 2018, the partners have helped the hospital for more than UAH 4 million. These were not only the funds of the founders of the Holding. Charity projects were joined by employees, partners, and clients of the Holding, who were united by the Techiia Foundation for a good cause.
We understand the need for a systematic approach to solving problems in the regions where the businesses of the TECHIIA holding operate," Yury Lazebnikov notes. "In Kropivnitsky, one of Holding's companies built a data center for the client and took over the management of the premises. At the same time, we began to analyze what can be useful for the city and its inhabitants. We learned about the problems of the hospital and began systematic cooperation."

"And we are glad to see the increase in the number of patients who have restored their health and saved their lives thanks to the hospital with the latest equipment which is provided with the necessary medicines," Oleg Krot notes.
It shall be reminded that in September, the Techiia Foundation purchased equipment for the surgical department of the regional children's hospital in Kropivnitsky – a trepanation surgical system and an electric coagulator worth more than UAH 1.5 million. In general, since the beginning of 2018, Oleg Krot and Yury Lazebnikov have provided assistance to the hospital in the amount of over UAH 4 million.