12-year-old Katherine from Oleksandriia with the support of benefactors continues to fight off Hodgkin's lymphoma
October 17, 2019
The founders of Techiia Foundation Oleg Krot and Yury Lazebnikov joined the fundraising campaign for the Adcetris drug needed to fight lymphoma of a schoolgirl from Oleksandriia. Benefactors have donated UAH 57 000, and now the girl is undergoing treatment.
At the age of 12, Katherine is struggling with the second relapse of Hodgkin's lymphoma under the supervision of doctors of the regional children's hospital in Kropivnitsky. To stop the disease, the child needed Adcetris, a powder to prepare a concentrate for infusion therapy. Colleagues of the Techiia Foundation from the "Angel of Life" foundation launched the fundraising campaign – for the purchase of the drug, there was a lack of more than UAH 113 000.

About half of the amount was provided by all the Ukrainians, who joined in the rescue of the girl. The rest of the necessary amount, which is UAH 57 000, was provided by the founders of the NGO "Techiia Foundation" Oleg Krot and Yury Lazebnikov, as soon as they heard about the need.

"There were only a few days left before the closing of the fundraising campaign, and there was a lack of UAH 57 000 for treatment," says Natalia Tarabrina, head of the "Angel of Life" foundation. – "We asked Oleg and Yury from the Techiia Foundation and immediately received the necessary funds."
"The help to seriously ill children is one of the key activities of the Foundation," says Oleg Krot, Managing Partner of the TECHIIA holding and co-founder of the Techiia Foundation. – "Health care, in general, is a priority, and this applies to targeted not only one-time assistance, as in the case of Katherine, but also to comprehensive solutions for medical institutions – from the purchase of modern equipment to the financing of children's rehabilitation programs."
Now Katherine is continuing her treatment, which fortunately shows positive results. The TECHIIA team wishes her to fight off the illness as soon as possible and to come back home and school.

"We focus on children, their health and education. We have been cooperating with the hospital in Kropivnitsky for two years now, but we will not limit our initiatives to just one city. We plan to implement social initiatives in all regions where TECHIIA Holding businesses operate. These will be the health care, STEM-education development, and territory digitization projects that we will present later," explains Yury Lazebnikov, Managing Partner of TECHIIA Holding and co-founder of the Techiia Foundation.
It shall be reminded that in September, the Techiia Foundation purchased equipment for the surgical department of the regional children's hospital in Kropivnitsky – a trepanation surgical system and an electric coagulator worth more than UAH 1.5 million. In general, since the beginning of 2018, Oleg Krot and Yury Lazebnikov have provided assistance to the hospital in the amount of over UAH 4 million.