Oleg Krot and Yury Lazebnikov with the Techiia Foundation have donated almost 4 million UAH to the hospital.
25 september 2019
The equipment allows to do operative, safe and bloodless surgery on the brain in the surgical department of the Kropyvnytskyi Regional Clinical Children's Hospital. The benefactors also finance the purchase of medicines.
Craniotome Aesculap Elan 4 —a trepanation surgical system.
Oleg Krot and Yury Lazebnikov are Ukrainian businessmen and benefactors. Since 2018, they have been donating funds to purchase vital equipment for the hospital through the Charitable Foundation Angel of Life. With the creation of the Techiia Foundation (created for the implementation of charitable projects of TECHIIA holding and its partners), the number of charitable projects will increase, the philanthropists assure.

Oleg Krot, co-founder of the Techiia Foundation: "Historically, the first hospital that we started to help as businessmen, was the regional hospital of Kropyvnytskyi. And we are glad to see the increase in the number of patients who have restored their health and saved their lives thanks to the hospital with the latest equipment which is provided with the necessary medicines. Now we will help not only hospitals, but also in other areas of social life throughout Ukraine through the Techiia Foundation."
Today the hospital has received from the benefactors a craniotome Elan 4 by the Aesculap company and an electric coagulator by Bowa, with a total cost more than 1,5 million UAH.
"Soon we'll be doing our first surgery with new equipment in our hospital. Before all patients were sent to the capital," says neurosurgeon Alexander Pyzin. "Craniotome allows to perform an accurate and bloodless incision of the cranium, reduces the time of surgery and minimizes hemorrhagic complications. The device of high-frequency diathermocoagulation is necessary to provide bloodless work and stop bleeding during interventions of various degrees of complexity. We can even remove tumors and perform more than ten types of surgeries due to the intervention in the cranial cavity on site and monitor the patient's condition."
Yuri Lazebnikov, co-founder of the Techiia Foundation: "We understand the need for a systematic approach to solving problems in the regions where the businesses of the TECHIIA holding operate. Our employees, partners and clients have expressed their desire to join our charitable projects. Now we will implement them together through the Techiia Foundation. We will also expand the areas of social investments in the development of STEM-education and digitalization of regions."
The philanthropists also plan to implement other socially important projects throughout Ukraine.
Alexander Pyzin together with the representatives of the Charitable Foundation Angel of Life Natalia Tarabrina and Olga Prysyazhnuk
Neurosurgeon Alexander Pyzin demonstrates new equipment.
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