Founders of NGO "Techiia Foundation" equipped children's operating room with a modern lighting system
November 27, 2019
The lighting system by the German company Simeonmedical will now help during surgeries at the regional children's hospital in Kropivnitsky. It was bought and handed over to the department by Oleg Krot and Yuriy Lazebnikov, the founders of the NGO "Techiia Foundation." Since the beginning of 2018, entrepreneurs have helped the hospital for more than UAH 4 million and spent UAH 306 thousand on the last purchase.
"We often receive questions: why Kropivnitsky?" tells Oleg Krot, co-founder of the Techiia Foundation and managing partner of the TECHIIA Holding. "It's simple: a first-class neurosurgeon works here to save children's lives. He has talent, skill, and knowledge, but the equipment is not the best. Therefore, we decided to provide him with everything he needed. We are gradually equipping surgery with devices used in the best European hospitals".
The Sim.LED 500 MC lighting system will make it easier for surgeons to work. It is mobile, battery-powered, and does not attach doctors to a particular place. The LED flashlight system prevents the formation of shadows. And the ability to adjust the warmth of the light will allow surgeons to select the optimal conditions for each surgery.
It shall be reminded that in September, the Techiia Foundation purchased equipment for the surgical department of the regional children's hospital in Kropivnitsky – a trepanation surgical system and an electric coagulator worth more than UAH 1.5 million. In general, since the beginning of 2018, Oleg Krot and Yury Lazebnikov have provided assistance to the hospital in the amount of over UAH 4 million.
This is the second time during this autumn when the NGO "Techiia Foundation" donates equipment to the Children's Hospital in Kropivnitsky. Since September, the surgical department has been using a modern trepanation surgical system and an electric coagulator, which allows safe and bloodless brain surgery. The operating room was noted by reputable publishers - NGO "Techiia Foundation" was included in the top 10 corporate social responsibility projects according to "Business" magazine.
"When we select projects for financing, we are always guided by the criteria of long-term sustainability. Everything we do should serve and benefit for a long time. We buy equipment only from world-recognized manufacturers who guarantee uninterrupted operation for many years," explains Yuriy Lazebnikov, co-founder of the NGO "Techiia Foundation" and managing partner of the TECHIIA Holding. "We do not implement only medical projects. We also focus on STEM education and regional digitization. We would like to hear every idea that can change Ukraine and will support the best of them".
"The help of benefactors is very important to our hospital. In the past, we often had to transport patients to Kyiv because we did not have the necessary equipment for complex operations. Now, thanks to Oleg and Yuriy, everything has changed - we can perform surgeries at our hospital without wasting valuable time on transferring patients," said Oleksandr Pyzin, neurosurgeon of the children's hospital in Kropivnitsky.